We produce OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and ODM (original design manufacturer) cream, cosmeceuticals, and cosmetics underneath of your brand with high- quality laboratory and factory guaranteed by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards from the ministry of public health. We confirmed that the products are free from all contaminants and hazardous substances so you can hundred percent ensure the product quality and safety. We also have specialists ready for you to get consultation.

The company provides basic production formulas including facial and body skin care such as moisturizing, acne, melasma, freckle and blemish skin problems and also sun protection.


8 Steps to work with us 

  1. Provide product information
    • Select standard default formula for us
    • Produce or research
    • Deposit 5000 bath per formula
  2. Condition and timing
    • Default formula depend on product type under our policy.
    • Producing 30 days for 10 kg
    • Delivery
  3. Default formula you can change color and smell and Stability test 3 times then deposit 50%.
  4. Paging label and logo design you need to give us the name and product concept we have high experience graphic designer (additional fee). This is an optional.
  5. FDA REGISTRATION We will prepare the document and register your product. It may take 15-30 days. When you have registration number you need to print it on your product label.
  6. Processing 21 days since we receive the package and material  (Cleaning >>packaging >>label >>Register product)
  7. Pay the rest We will announce date of dalivery your product and you need to pay the rest of amount.
  8. Delivery Free delivery if you product less than 25 km if more than 25km we will use our standard delivery rate.